Eastbourne Sports and Physiotherapy Clinic

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Injury / Maintenance / Pain / Tension

What do you treat?

Anything from tension headaches to ligament sprains, muscle tears and joint pain. I treat injuries and help people overcome weaknesses, flexibility restrictions and postural problems.

How does sports physio work?

We start with a thorough assessment. It’s important for me to understand the full background to your current condition and what it is you are currently restricted from doing. This way I can help you overcome the current problem and help to prevent the problem recurring.

You get more than just treatment. You need to know that there is a plan of progression to get you back to where you need to be. You need to understand how and why the problem started in the first place. This is why I always give advice on self-help, exercises and stretches, and what to be doing or avoiding. I always take the time to answer questions and explain about the current problem.

Why come here?

When I get injured I am my first choice to treat myself. I look after my family and give the very same level of attention to everyone who comes to see me.

Treatment techniques

Physiotherapy has a wide variety of treatment techniques and typically use a combination to treat different aspects of the problem. Here are some specific ways I can help.

teach what to do – what to avoid / specific rehab exercises / western acupuncture / soft tissue release / myofacial release / muscle energy technique / therapeutic ultrasound / electrotherapy / advice for self help / supports and orthotics / therapeutic exercises / education / manipulation / mobilisation / neuromuscular technique / sports taping

Generally people don’t know what they will need so I suggest what I feel will be most helpful. However, if you have previously had a certain treatment for a problem and know it works for you, let me know!

Sessions and follow-ups

Sessions last half an hour. As far as we know we are also the first clinic in Eastbourne to offer short sessions for follow-up should this be sufficient for you. These are half the cost of a full session and are useful where frequency of treatment is more beneficial than a less regular high volume of treatment.

Due to the very nature of treatment you will need to have suitable clothing with you for me to be able to assess and treat the current problem.


Are you reading this wondering if your problem can even be helped? It probably can! So I look forward to welcoming you to the clinic.