Jazz Barbers

Jazz Barbers was started by 3 brothers, one of whom had a dream to open a specialist male grooming parlour. Most of the salons at that time were catering to both genders. The dream finally came to fruitition in 1991 when they opened their first Barbers, established since 1991, specialising in barbering & male grooming.

Jazz has won numerous awards and competitions over the years. Our clients enjoy our friendly personalities, recognise our dedication and our expertise in the grooming industry. We have gone from strength to strength. All our staff are fully trained.

Jazz Barbers Hampden Park 01323 500968

Mon. 8.30-5.45
Tues. 8.30-5.45
Wed. 9.00-5.45
Thur. 8.30-7.00 late nite
Fri. 8.30-5.45
Sat. 8.30-5.30