Thebestof Eastbourne

If you are looking for a local restaurant, a personal trainer or a tradesman, here you will find recommended local businesses with reviews from real customers. Find out what’s happening locally, list your own event, and leave reviews for businesses.

TheBestOf Eastbourne is here to champion local services. We love Eastbourne and supply the ‘Buy Local’ stickers seen around town. Is your favourite business displaying one of our stickers? If not, let us know so we can provide one. It’s a way to participate in our Buy Local campaign – and it’s free!

But we are not just about local businesses and events. Join our community hub, the place for all things local from charities to sports clubs. Once listed in the hub, your group can share news with other locals. Is your business supporting a school or sports club? Do you need people to sign up for your charity’s event? Do you need volunteers? Spread the word and reach the community at large.

Our site is growing, with more reviews and special offers than ever before. Combined with business features and now incorporating professional videos, TheBestOf Eastbourne is the best place to read, see and hear about what’s happening on the Sunshine Coast.